Fall Fun: Pumpkin Patch

I really wanted it to be Fall. So bad, that I wore jeans and boots in 85 degree weather… to a pumpkin patch with no shade in sight.


I love pumpkin patches. It's literally fucking fall in a field. I don’t really dig those little pumpkin patches on the sides of streets or in random parking lots. No shade, I’ve gone, but I need the full experience. I want a corn maze, a hay ride, and I want to pick my pumpkin from a vine. The problem with this is Orange County doesn’t boast my search for farmhouse aesthetic and Mario isn’t down to drive 50 plus miles so I can spend 30 minutes walking around.


So, we made a compromise. Instead of driving to Calabasas or Temecula, he was driving to Pomona for Cal Poly’s pumpkin patch. This meant bringing out the boots and sweaters.


Incorporating Fall wear when it was practically still Summer only proved to be slightly difficult. I knew boots were a must and I had been dying to break out my cowboy boots. I think jean shorts or a cute skirt would have looked equally cute, but I settled for practicality because I knew I was making Mario do the corn maze and I can’t afford anymore scratches or bruises.

corn outfit 2.JPG

I settled for high-waisted jeans and my new favorite bodysuit from Majorelle. The ruffles and lacey polka dots, mixed with the white and nude coloring, provided the perfect contrast for my more rugged western look. I brought a white sweater just to be safe, but I was kidding myself.


Major shoutout to my Monkey Man for putting up with all my random ideas and buying me pumpkins.