Winter Whites

grab my coat?.JPG

This past month has NOT been my scene. I can do the cold. By cold I mean SoCal cold - low 70s. I absolutely do not like the rain. Don’t get me wrong, its beautiful when you're in doors and laying in bed. But, if you have shit to do, it's a pain in the ass to drive and I’m always struggling to dress appropriately. Under no circumstance is this an excuse to wearing leggings outside of my home or the gym.

Since I stick to the indoors during gloomy and wet weather, I took it upon myself to rearrange my room and organize my closet for the 60th time. And so came the glorious rediscovery of my off-white colored coat. Lou’s white obsession really came in clutch during my trip to Washington DC senior year of high school. My mom went all out and graciously bought me a good staple in my wardrobe. This is wear buying good quality and taking good care of your clothes comes in handy. It was practically new.

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I used my coat as a mainstay in my next few outfits. The goal was to embrace a common spring and summer color in to a more winteresque feel. This came natural and I started out with basics like white tees and denim and gradually got into printed pants and ruffled tops. The key is to never try to match the whites. I like to go for more of a spectrum, that way it doesn’t look like I've mismatched. My coat is more of a cool-toned off-white so I paired it with a super bright white top and then a printed pant with some western inspired booties. The second look was a little reversed - bright, white denim and a cream-colored tee with black booties. I love wearing white all year round and buying white coats and sweaters is a perfect way to incorporate this into winter and fall looks.