The Six Year Mar-k.

After six years of dating, Mario and I have officially exhausted every possible restaurant and movie theatre from LA to Orange County. We’ve done a sunset picnic at the beach (see my last blog post), themed homemade dinners, and absolutely nothing. Yes, you read that right. Sometimes we literally just don’t do anything: we stay home and stare at my crisp white walls. Eventually, we watch Breaking Bad and it gets fancy when Mario brings out the Halo Top, though I prefer Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia. 


We’re extremely lucky to celebrate our anniversary in the summer. Or in Mario’s case, he has no real excuse to say he’s too busy with school when I plan something. 


 This year, we decided to head out to Temecula to visit a couple of wineries and vlogged our entire experience (LOL). We went during the week so there weren’t really too many people. It was a little more intimate, despite the random blast of Lil Uzi Vert on the way there.


Peaceful silence is nice. But, I’ve also gone over the weekend with family and most venues have live music and bands which is also fun to experience in large groups. 

We started at Wilson Creek. We sampled a total of 6 wines, three of which were sparkling as that’s what this particularly winery was known for. It was a nice starter and now we know Mario isn’t a fan of red wine. 



The outside was filled with pretty flowers and an array of seating. They have a restaurant that was also offering frozen wine treats – a great perk, considering we went during one of the hottest days of the summer. Mario and I walked through the vineyard, played some games in the patio, and ultimately enjoyed our first experience. 



We then proceeded to check out a couple more wineries but didn’t love them as much as we loved Europa! This is by far our favorite not only because ya girl loves Moscato, but everyone was incredibly nice and funny! We spent the longest time inside just chatting with one of the servers while he was telling us about his sons. Once I got my glass, we sat outside and enjoyed the winery views. The funny part of this all was that Mario really doesn’t like wine, or so we thought. 


It’s safe to say, Mario Joseph Rea is a Moscato man. Can’t wait to go back next summer!