Sips, Tips & Snacks - Bay Area Edition

I have so much content from the Bay Area it's downright embarrassing. Guess I don't have to wonder why im constantly asked if i'm living there or plan to. The answer is no, OC forever.

Vesta 04-28 at 11.42.33 PM.png

I can’t hate because there was at one point, a time where I really wanted to move up there. So much so, I geared all of my college applications toward the Bay and didn't look back. I would really like to thank my mom at this point for making me apply to Chapman. I would also really, really like to thank Chapman and the nice admissions lady, sorry I forgot your name, who listened to my cry and panic when I called mid-July, about not wanting to move thousands of miles away (dramatic) and if they would please, please give me my spot back. Best decision i have EVER made, I love you Chaptown.

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I still love the Bay Area, but not enough to fully commit. Hence, my frequent trips up north. These are a couple of my favorite places from my last trip. I recommend ALL.

The Rotunda.

Neiman Marcus does no harm. This by far was all my bougie dreams come true. Charcuterie boards, rosé AND pink menus. Obsessed. My cousin and I also tried the lobster bisque and a seasonal soup.

rotunda 6.png

TIPS: Since its located in Union Square, parking for the non-native can be tedious. Spot Hero came in clutch! You basically just enter the location and it generates private and public parking lots. We opted to park under a hotel and walked a short distance to reach the store. As far as food, enjoy the consommeé they give you in the beginning! I focused less on culinary pursuits and more on visual consumption.


My ALL TIME favorite place ever! Vesta is located in downtown Redwood City. This is pretty much where I spend most of my time because my family lives here. Vesta has the best pizzas and salads. I’m not a big pizza fan - but, after dating Mar for what feelings like an eternity, I’ve learned to accept pies as a major food group. Vesta is the exception. They have the greatest selection and my personal favorite was the sausage, jalapeno and honey. I know, sounds weird but its so good!


Valencia St.

SO MUCH TO DO. I feel like this should be its own post because it’s probably one of the coolest spots i've been to in SF. Valencia St. is this large and eclectic strip in the Mission District. There's cute shops, clothing stores, snacks and drinks. Here’s a few of my favorites.

Paxton Gate

Weird but so cool. They specialize in taxidermy which is honestly not my thing. It’s pretty gross and scary and I could not stop thinking about that guy from the bachelor. So, once you get passed the tiny critters in mini costumes, the animal skulls and bones, there’s really pretty crystals and butterfly decor. Def worth the visit but I would pass if you get queasy with dead animals.

Dandelion Chocolate.

One word. Decadent. I’m not a huge fan of chocolate so I took one for the team here. I do have to say, it was quite enjoyable. Everything is super cute inside but there's not too much seating so this is something to keep in mind if you plan to go during the week because it gets busy. I also wouldn't recommend visiting in groups larger than 4. Hot chocolate is delicious, thick and creamy; you might need a glass of water after. We ordered a round of desserts, all good but not amazing. Would recommend grabbing those marshmallows, do not pass them up. They are homemade and so so so good.


Greek yogurt with honey or baklava. Cute aesthetic. Enough said, it speaks for itself.

Santana Row.

Super cute shopping center right by Valley Fair in San Jose. They have little restaurants and shops and it basically leads to the mall. It’s a nice place to grab a quick bite and enjoy the views and sunshine.


I never knew Anthropologie had a restaurant until I visited the store at the Stanford Mall. All the produce and food is locally sourced and organic. It’s a perfect stop while shopping around and the decor is Andie approved.