A few of my favorite things: friends, tea, and road trips. So, when your close friend mentions a tea service on the outskirts of Santa Barbara, you go with no hesitations.

Santa Barbara 04-23 at 10.02.22 AM.png

Janine has this long standing obsession with crystals. It’s the focal point of her bedroom and she swears by their positive energy. The adventure to Summerland began and it was at The Sacred Space where I finally understood the obsession.

I couldn’t take too many pictures of the inside but I’ve linked the website and their instagram in case you’re interested in taking a peak! They have several rooms filled with various gems, crystals, statues and jewelry organized by color.

The outdoor patio is divided into several seating areas where you can relax and take in the energy and peacefulness. There’s also a complimentary tea service they provide and sugar crystals - obviously, my favorite part. While J9 picked out new editions to her collection, I opted for two rings and brought home my mom two crystals that promote a good night’ sleep and love.

summerland 1.png

Since we were about 20 minutes away from Santa Barbara and the weather was nice out, I decided to embrace a Spring time outfit. Tops like this are my essence. I live for romantic sleeves and anything white. My denim skirt was a gift from Japan and I opted for nude block heels. I’ve linked my outfit and multiple alternate options!

With my friends, everything circles back to food and ya girl ain’t even mad about it. The best part is we love to share (ok, some of us) and we love trying new things. Janine and I visited a restaurant on the pier and ordered some drinks and good food.

Santa Barbara 04-23 at 10.02.02 AM 1.png

If you’re not super into crystals, I still think this place is worth the visit. Not only is it on the way to Santa Barbara but it’s so different from any other shop. It’s a hidden gem. Pun intended.